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Ace Filled Dreams

Ace Filled Dreams
The misadventures of an amateur poker player. Follow our hero through a series of challenges of online poker.

Gus Hansen: Every Hand Revealed

We recommend a poker card attractive, fun and very instructive, a novelty in all respects. What is news? Unlike popular poker books so far, wishing to convey knowledge through demonstrations or through theoretical examples, Gus Hansen's book allows us to know the evidence behind its decisions taken in each round of a tournament.
How did this? While touring dictofon analyzed recorded everything, and his analysis was based on this material. Thus we can really know what to read sites based on time and not just some further explanation like "I know the individual" or "so and so I knew it to act. "
Aussie Millions tournament is reviewed in 2007. The tournament was attended by 748 players, and by his victory, the author has received a $ 1.2 million prize.
Gus looks at all the 329 hands played in the tournament.


Those who read the book, I can see how the LAG style Gus's conception,
- the importance given position and stack size,
- alternate styles as LAG and TAG,
- Why support some big bets with some hands that seem too promising
- when they use the bluff,
- rises or falls in the game as the "limp"more often than is shown theoretically to keep the "image" from the table
- how they change tactics, as the blinds increase.
The book was published in 2007 by Kensington Publishing Corp. Publishing. in New York.

-Doyle Brunson's Super System 2

With the start of television broadcasting, the popularity of poker has increased enormously. Previously, the occurrence of Doyle Brunson's book Super System, had a similar effect. Both events can be considered true milestones in the development of poker. Super System is considered the bible of poker.


Until the advent of the book, Doyle Brunson has already achieved two wins at the WSOP Main Event in 1976 and 1977. Super System was published in 1979 by publisher Cardoza Publishing. The book's original title was "How I won more than $ 1 million at poker" ("How I Made Over $ 1,000,000 Playing Poker").

Although a book Super System is still valid today, the last 1979 years, which led the author to make some additions, to develop some ideas. Thus. In October 2004, appeared Doyle Brunson's Super System 2.


In addition to Texas Hold'em, so popular nowadays, the book also deals with other types of poker, as Seven Card Stud, and Triple Draw. Furthermore, Brunson took care of the parties that deal with different types of poker players to be written that he considers the best in the game.

Here is a list of authors:

-Limit Hold'em by Jennifer Harman was written, considered the best poker player
-No Limit Hold'em Doyle
-Pot Limit Omaha High by Lyle Bernman
Omaha Eight or Better, Bobby Baldwin
High Low, Seven Card Stud Eight or Better by Todd Brunson
-Triple Draw by Daniel Negreanu

Besides the above, we find a summary prepared by Mike Caro about "tells" about those small signs of which we can read books opponents.

A chapter of the book deals with how Brunson began his career in poker. Acesasta was many decades ago, the chapter contains much interesting.

About 15 pages dealing with the history of the game No Limit Texas Hold'em.

Doyle's opinion and we share about online poker. Today this party already seems boring, more, even irritating, because it makes it through the prism of his room, and would like to advertise.

Book chapters worth just bought and Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold'em. In this book you can get more technical knowledge because DURING several pages dealing with practical issues, such as how to play suited connectors, small pair, or what strategy to follow when you have big pairs, but a flop came dangerous.

The book has 700 pages, so it is hard and thick, hard to read, however its content is equivalent to the contents of other books 6-7. Super System 2 is a basic book, which has its place in the library of every poker player.

Squeeze play

In the game of poker "squeeze play" is a phrase often used, although many players are not clear with this item Techn. If we take the terminology used in bridge literature, we can say schiză in Romanian.

What is it?

A player raises, the next accept a bet and reraise schizantul made. So put those two awkward position, since transmit the following message: I know that you have strong hands, but my hand is stronger. Players who do not understand this message, arrive in a difficult situation.

The first player who can think so high: I got up, following only accepted the bet, reraise and the third has over us. Not excluded either that the middle is a monster and will tell all in.

Player in the middle, if it has a very strong hand and a trap, thinks so: one in front of me lifted, said I call hoping that my hand is strong enough, but the third has reraised. What books can be powerful?

The above findings of the two players are perfectly obvious and logical, so they accept a bet proposed by the third player only really strong hands, basically just big pairs, AK, possibly AQS. With suited connectors and small pairs is ruled out accepting the bet, if a game can only ultra-deep stack.

The player who plays above schiză use logic and try to make money even strong enough to call books, but hoping that the opponents will not accept the proposed bet.

Schiza works best if the first player, who has raised, is a LAG (Loose agressor) but is able to throw the books. It is important that the player at the table apply schiza have an image of a conservative player.

To illustrate the above through an example.

We are in the position of Button at short handed table, the blinds of $ 0.5 / $ 1. We are facing $ 120. Player after the button (UTG) fold, while the second (MP), which faces $ 100, up $ 3.5. Next, which is $ 80, accept a bet and we turn. We like AKo hand books, or ADs, what now? The situation is ideal for a schiză, so we reraised and have every chance to win the pot before the flop.

Schiza be played against the corresponding players. It is contraindicated if the first player, so the one that raised a "rock", or the second, who accepted the bet, is a loose fish, who judges: if they already put everything we can already $ 3.5, and put $ 10 in May, who knows what will happen.

What to do if one of our opponents to accept the bet?

We have to play very cautiously after the flop, probably because the opponent has a very strong hand, so to treat the situation as such. To have the strength to admit that we failed to plan and take books. No need to lose all the steaks.

What to do when one of the players gave reraise, or all in?

If I played only schiză, throw books. Schiză game can be successfully applied in the fight for the blind (Dealer against SB, BB).

One of the most famous schize was made by Dan Harrington 2004 WSOP final table. Josh Arieh raised UTG position with K9s, Greg Raymer bet accepted A2s, after which Dan 62o made a big reraise to win the pot before the flop.